Are Architectural Shingles Worth Extra Cost: 4 Reasons Why

Architectural shingles, also known as dimensional or laminated shingles, are among the highest quality products for roofing. The shingles are made with a base of heavy fiberglass mat combined with granules of ceramic-coated minerals.

This then will be embedded in water-resistant asphalt. The good side is, these shingles have many advantages once the homeowner uses them. The problem is, “are architectural shingles worth extra cost” since it may cost thousands of bucks to cover the roofing with them.

Even for a single-story house. If you are visiting this page hoping to know a tidbit of architectural shingles, check this out.

Architectural Shingle Roof Cost

Interestingly, there is no definite cost of architectural shingles. The price depends on the roofing slope, pitches, and the size of the roof. To put a range number, architectural shingles will cost around $13,000 to $21,500 to be put on a standard-sized one-story house.

Are Architectural Shingles Worth Extra Cost

The longer endurance it has, the cost will be much higher. As an example, 50-year architectural shingles could charge you $500 to $800 per square.

Benefits of Architectural Shingles

Let’s dive into the reason why one should add these shingles to their roofing. Below is the list of benefits one could get for installing shingles on the roof, in the hope of answering your question.

Worthy for its good-looking finished look

For most people, architectural shingles will give a sophisticated look, just like slate shingles do. But, compared to slate shingles, architectural shingles are cheaper. To compare, a slate roof will cost $900 – $1,600 per square once installed in a standard one-story home.

Do the count and remember our economic principle. Both shingles are impeccably located in the high-end price range, but slate roofs are more expensive.

Heavy but sturdy

This sturdy word here means that architectural shingles will give better wind resistance compared to cheaper options. This comes from the shingles’ weight itself, which is three times heavier than tab shingles. Therefore, the shingles can withstand a super-fast wind going at 130 mph. Amazing.


Let’s say you finally have to offer the house to be sold. For some reason, purchasing architectural shingles will give you an investment return. It is not only caused by the good-looking roof leading to a higher price of the house, but architectural shingles are also the standard for high-end homes. So, charging more can be reasonable.

Resistant to many

One more reason to proceed with your purchase of architectural shingles is the shingle’s resistance to fire, molds, and algae growth. That’s why buying and installing this type of shingles are just part of a better investment.

Architectural Shingles Lifespan

From all the good things mentioned above, there is another bright side to shingles. It is the lifespan. Since these things can cost you a lot of fortune to spend, architectural shingles’ lifespan is varying from 30 to 50 years.

When choosing roofing materials for a roof replacement, it is important to consider factors such as a longer warranty, high quality, and wind resistance, especially in areas prone to high winds.

To elaborate and answer the question ‘are architectural shingles worth extra cost?’, the simple answer is a single ‘yes’. It may cost higher for now. However, as time goes by, isn’t it good to have little to no maintenance fee?

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