What is a Frieze Board and what is Its Purpose?

Roofing terminology may not be your expertise. So, that’s why you can rely on this article to learn about that. Well, in the article below, we will discuss ‘what is a frieze board’ and understand some other details, such as the purpose of a frieze board.

What is a Frieze Board on a House?

Understanding what each roofing term means we need to put extra work in understanding this-and-that of roofing aspects because there are so many aspects to understand.

But don’t worry because it is not as bad as we think it would be. While there can be more than 50 names to remember, that’d best to work on it one by one.

For this article, we will discuss about a frieze board. So, what is a frieze board?

what is a frieze board

Simply put, frieze board is a board placed between the soffit and the side wall of the house. Typically, it is placed aligned with the wall, making it to be vertically placed. In general, it is placed flat without any angle to make, but it can be placed with an angle.

Aside from that definition, exterior frieze board is also defined as a horizontal trim placed anywhere in/on the house for decoration.

What is the Purpose of a Frieze Board?

You may ask us, why is it called a frieze board? The actual reason remains unbeknown to anyone, but at least we should know what purpose a frieze board has to offer.

This board has three purposes to be attached to the space between the soffit and the wall side. The reasons will be explained below:

  1. First, it can be used just like what soffit does: to help let the moisture out from the gable underside and from the rafters. Hence, your truss can be helped out from the moisture coming from rain and snow, which may cause mildew, mold, or even wood rotting.
  2. The second purpose is to create a finished look for the house exterior. Since it is often placed in between the soffit and the upper side of wall siding, frieze board can magically be used to cover gaps.
  3. The frieze board can also be used to conceal siding colors or style that may be tricky to conceal. Hence, frieze board can be used as a trim breaking the two elements.

What materials are used to make this board? There are various materials you can choose to create a frieze board, but many people typically choose wood like cedar. However, this material is not the best one since you may need to maintain the wood from being rotting, ruined by insects, or other types of damage.

Frieze board can also be made from aluminum, engineered trim, or fiber cement. Using any of these three materials can help the frieze board remain intact even without any extensive maintenance.

So, those details about ‘what is a frieze board’ and other details you may need to know. I hope this article helps you understand more about the frieze board and related stuff.