Build a Shed Roof with Light Steel Construction

In the discourse of civil science and architecture, how to build a shed roof is a monumental part that must be considered and considered carefully. Such attention and consideration lead to the form and material to be used. Light steel is a popular choice for roof-style construction due to its numerous advantages over traditional materials.

This is inseparable from the various advantages of lightweight steel construction compared to other conventional constructions. Steel is an ideal construction medium for warehouses and other industrial buildings for various reasons.

Build A Shed Roof Truss

Light steel construction has become a favorite choice as a type of building material because of its very lightweight. This lightweight steel construction weight facilitates the transportation and installation process when building a house or building.

Having a lightweight and the potential for a small dead load does not reduce the tensile strength. This makes lightweight steel construction suitable for roof design structures, especially spans of quite wide construction.

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Because it is a factory-made product, light steel construction has consistency in quality and quality. This helps to create precise structures when building or renovating houses and sheds. In addition to being economical and durable, steel also provides the simplest solution for building designs that require large open spaces and significant design flexibility.

This article will delve into the nuances of building a shed roof from light steel, considering various architectural styles including saltbox roofs and gambrel roofs.

Build A Shed Roof Truss with Light Steel Construction

A roof truss is a systematic structure that supports a building or residence. In other words, it is a form (frame) that makes it stable and also connects and stabilizes the bottom of the building (foundation). Sheds with a conventional form have a roof frame with proportions that fit differently from old houses, usually lacking a proportional roof frame.

After the Industrial Revolution had made steel popular, the wooden roof truss was replaced by an iron roof truss. The consideration, the iron roof frame is more durable and more fire-resistant. At present, both wood and iron materials have progressed in terms of quality.

Shed Roof Truss with Light Steel Construction

Durability is no longer the main reason for building a shed roof and choosing a frame from certain materials. Interior design trends and the effects become more valuable for the iron roof truss, both technical and aesthetic.

If your company is planning to build a warehouse, especially a shed roof truss, use a steel frame because the cost of building a steel frame warehouse is more effective. Individuals widely use this steel frame in building houses or companies with the cost of building a more economical steel frame warehouse.

Building a steel frame warehouse is indeed more cost-efficient because its installation is easier and does not require a long time. If your company has different supplies that must be stored in different places, the cost of building an effective steel frame warehouse is the right choice.

Build A Shed Roof Over A Deck

In rehabilitation and renovation work, adding or changing needs to be done under new functions or new living needs. Therefore, excessive loads on building structures should be avoided, and roof truss structures should be made as light as possible.

The solution of building a shed roof is to use a lightweight iron frame and pillars and iron plates that are highly recommended for use. Simultaneously, the selection of other materials, such as wood and partitions, can be adjusted to their respective weights.

Build A Shed Roof Over A Deck

Lightweight steel horses’ installation on the supporting structure (column or ringbalk) must be carried out correctly and carefully so that the lightweight steel roof truss is installed following its requirements.

  • The technical requirements for lightweight steel roof truss include:
  • The horses are mounted strong and stable, equipped with anchors (dynabolt) on both sides.
  • All sawhorses are perpendicular to the ringbalk.
  • The height of the apex for mounting the rooftop above each
  • Flat sawhorses.
  • Sloping roof flat (not bumpy)
  • No damage to the protective coating
  • No deformation (change of form) due to an error in the performance of the work.
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The installation of light steel horses on both supports can be done in two ways, namely :

  1. Installed directly above the ringbalk.
  2. Mounted on a ringbalk with a wall-plate intermediate.

The use of a pedestal system with a wall plate, wherever possible, may have to be avoided because the wall-plate support is only intended for leveling (ringing) the ringback if the ringback is uneven. The use of wall plates will reduce the depth of the dynabolt embedded in the ringback. Besides, there is also a space in the wall plate that can cause horses’ placement to be less stable.

Building A Shed Roof with Overhang

It is slightly different from the general shape for building a shed roof, especially with overhang roofs. Overhang roof edges are needed to block heat from the sun and splashes of rain that might enter and damage property at home.

Architecture in the East often has a roof overhang longer than in the West, especially in Southeast Asia. In the east, the edge of the overhanging roof is needed to block the heat from the sun and the splash of rain that might enter and damage the items in the house.

A Shed Roof with Overhang

The principle for designing a roof that stretches further than usual is to create a balancing force between structures, both in reaction and action. There is no need to design symmetrical shapes because balance can come from the action force’s detail. However, it is possible to design columns large enough together with structures to support the roof rafters.

With this principle, how do you build a shed roof, especially overhangs? The roof can seem to hang as if it fell on the stadium roof. In this case, understanding detail means understanding structural behavior.

When the edge of the roof protrudes more than normal without the need for purlin, understanding the structure can provide new adaptations, such as allowing the use of a bracket to support the rafters’ bottom. Then, distribute the heavy load to the column poles. For durability and beauty, focus on the design of wire ropes that secure or support the rafters.

How To Build A Lean To Shed Roof

The most popular basic form of roofing is the roof of the pyramid (hip roof), gable roof, flat roof, and shed roof. The first three forms are relatively more plural than the last. More lean roofs were applied to warehouses, cabins, and the like.

Most residential homes applied to additional buildings attached to the main building, such as a terrace, hallway, or garage. But lately, this simple roof is widely applied to major buildings such as minimalist and modern dwellings.

Actually, how to build a shed roof with a leaning roof – with the basic form of one side sloping – is not much different from the work of the gable or the pyramid (shield).

After the wall, plastering, and action installation work is finished, the horses’ installation can be carried out, followed by the parts of the roof truss (roof beams, gorging, rafters, and battens) to the type of roof coverings. The final stage is installing the roof cover, followed by finishing.

How To Build A Lean To Shed Roof

However, there are special things that need to be considered in building a leaning roof, especially concerning wall construction and/or roof truss. The horses (½ horses) can be replaced with the grooms – the structure above the wall supporting the roof.

For edges of buildings exposed to and affected by outside weather, the structure above the wall supporting the roof should be used. However, for the construction of a shed roof in the middle (if the building is wide enough), the type of horses that will be the foundation of the rooftop beam (cam) and gorging on that part must be determined.

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