Is Moss Harmful to Roof Shingles? And How To Remove It

Roof shingles are prone to moss. Moreover, roof locations that are on top of the property make it difficult to conduct a moos-cleansing. Thus, whether you are asking about “is moss harmful to roof shingles?” you may seek the answer in brief below.

Does Moss Hurt Roof Shingles?

Yes, it does. Indeed, it is harmful to the roof, whether it is made of cedar tiles, shakes, or even composite shingles. These are the reasons why:

  • Growth

Moss is a sneaky plant that spreads quickly. Then you ask, can moss damage a roof? Of course, it can. It can press beneath shingles, shakes, and even tiles, forcing them up and causing roof damage.

is moss harmful to roof shingles

  • Moisture

Among other moss on roof causes, nature is the main one because it creates damp, turning into moss. Thus, moss keeps its persistent wetness on your roof, which can trigger extensive destruction.

  • Weight

You will be shocked at how thick a large moss carpet can be. Well, moss is a spongy plant that stores a certain amount of moisture. Your roof might be carrying hundreds of extra pounds. That must be a lot of weight for your roofs to bear.

  • Pests

Moss on the roof can draw bugs and rats. As a result, bug infestations are irritating and difficult to eradicate.

  • Leaks

Is moss harmful to roof shingles? Yes, furthermore, moss development can cause roof leakage, including holes, brittle patches, or even leaks.

  • Danger

Moss is slippery and sticky. Stepping on a moss-layered roof increases your chances of falling and being gravely injured!

  • Curb Appeal

Do you intend to sell your house? Moss can raise red flags in the eyes of discerning home buyers, including real estate agents, potentially costing you a fortune.

How to Prevent Moss Growth on a Roof

You do not need to worry about moss growth on a roof because you can use a water-based zinc solution that destroys moss on structures and tile roofs.

A solution spray swells into the shingles when that moss is gone, stopping potential moss from growing. You can use a  specifically prepared copper treatment on a cedar shake roof. This is because copper can prevent moss on the roof.

  • Copper solutions provide other advantages, such as:
    • A pesticide—deterring pests such as powderpost insects and termites.
    • Roof construction protection – Moss preventative treatments like this help reduce warping, cracking, and other moisture-related issues.
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Moss treatments, including zinc, can generate a white deposit on the roof. It is absolutely natural and safe.

  • How can you remove moss without harming the shingles?

Obviously, whether you already have moss on the roof, a comprehensive roof cleaning, including moss removal, is the best option. You can follow a three-step procedure for removing moss without harming your roof! Below is how it is done:

  1. Begin by carefully scraping moss out of the shingles with your hands.
  2. You may blast the loose moss as well as debris off the roof with pressurized air. You can access any nooks and corners, even the difficult-to-reach places among the shingles.
  3. Afterward, you may clear off the debris and ensure you like how the roof appears.

Isn’t it possible to just power wash all the moss off my roof?r

Although pressure washer helps eliminate moss from the roof’s surface, there are several disadvantages:

  • Roofs with composite shingles cannot be washed. You will damage the shingles and shorten the life of the roof.
  • Cannot do a deep cleaning because it might cause moisture to penetrate further into the roof. As a result, there is more significant decay plus long-term deterioration.
  • Cannot remove moss between shingles. That is why most roofs are cleaned using pressurized gas.

Further moss-prevention advice

  • Have your trees trimmed? Overhanging branches can deposit moss and foster more moss development.
  • Maintain the cleanliness and unclogging of your gutters. Humidity causes moss, which causes additional moisture that causes roof damage!
  • Have your roof examined regularly. Prevent moss’s spreading in its tracks.

So, those are the answers to the question is moss harmful to roof shingles? As well as some crucial information about its prevention. You may browse more detailed information about cleaning and preventing moss.

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