How much is Blown In Insulation Cost per Square Foot?

When it comes to insulating your house, you might have stumbled upon some services you haven’t even know exist. Well, you are not the only one. Blown-in insulation is just one type of insulating method your house can take to keep the living space warm.

Blown In Insulation Cost per Square Foot

Besides, it may keep the house ‘safe’ from noises outside. Make sure you got proper knowledge about this, especially the blown-in insulation cost per square foot.

Blown-in Insulation Cost per Square Foot

Talking about house improvement is ceaseless. You know, there are so many things you can do to improve your house, and these things are constantly developing as time advances.

In terms of insulating the house, you got an option to insulate it with a blown-in technique. What is this blown insulation anyway?

To make it brief, blown-in insulation is a technique to fill in the house’s ceiling joists and/or wall studs with an insulator material. There are basically three types of blown-in insulation that are available today.

  1. Cellulose

Made from nicely shredded cardboard or newspaper, this insulation type becomes the best option for eco-house owners. Despite the materials’ nature vulnerability to mold and fire, the materials have gotten treated chemically to resist them.

  1. Rock wool

With its alternate name ‘mineral wool’, this blown-in insulation material is made from slag made by firing iron ore and iron. This slag will then be heated and combined with other materials before getting spun into a product copying the raw sheep’s wool (hence the wool name, though).

If you are looking for a material with decent fire-resistance, this one can be your best pawn. Note that there’s a price for every quality.

  1. Loose-fill fiberglass

This light-weighted insulation system is made from glass – heated into a liquid, which will then be spun into slight fibers. If you are looking for a moderately-priced material which quality is half the premium, you can give this a go.

Aside from thinking about the materials, it would help if you also considered each material’s R-value. This value will determine the blown-in insulation cost per square foot. R-value is playing the number of thermal values, which determines the material’s insulating effect. The bigger the number, the greater the effect will be.

Now you may start to wonder how much does blow in insulation costs per square foot. The short answer to it is – it depends.

As aforementioned, you should consider these things to know how much money you need to prepare.

  • The total area you want to insulate,
  • The material you are using, its R-value, and its price per bag,
  • Any labor cost involved, like the service cost of blown-in insulation contractors, and
  • Types of areas you are going to insulate. Insulating areas near electrical wiring may cost you a bit more.

It would help if you surely had a clear figure for this thing. Well, as a rule of thumb, blown-in insulation cost per square foot will typically take US$ 1-1.50 per square foot.

Installation costs will take an hourly rate of US$ 40-70. If counted in total, it can take around US$600 to US$1,500 to insulate 1,000 square feet of attic or wall space with an R-value of 30. Of course, this number will differ significantly depending on those earlier mentioned aspects.

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